Coveting Meat Pies

Would it surprise you to learn that I have not made a ton of savory pies? I do love a good quiche, but somehow I have almost never ventured into meat pies. Now that I’m writing about it, I think it’s because I prefer eating stew as stew, and in my mind meat pies = stew pies. (Also, ‘stew’ is starting to look like not-a-real-word to me now.) I totally love the idea of them, though. Maybe I just want someone else to make me one?

Anyhoo, since I’m making a lot more pie these days, I think I should start adding some savory pies into our dinner rotation (she says, as if she’s the type of person who plans dinners. ha!). I think I may start with this meat and artichoke heart pie, because I will accept any excuse to eat more artichokes.

And speaking of making a lot more pies, I need to go make some pie. Happy Tuesday!

Thank you and hurray!

Dear internets,

You have been super awesome today. I remember a day, not that long ago, when I looked at Twitter and thought, “whaa? What’s the point?” But those days are so long over. I could seriously spend an hour telling you about how many of the most interesting and supportive people I know have come to me through Twitter, but it’s late, and this little Pie Maker has had a long day. Instead, check out these awesome people. Every single one of them deserves a huge high five, especially Mr. Pie, for making it all possible and smooth. (Also, Facebook brought some A-game, but I just got back from a tweetup, not a faceup, so Twitter gets the lion’s share of tonight’s love.)

Tomorrow I’ll come back with more love, and pie chitterchatter (I want a synonym for this that doesn’t convey a negative value. thoughts?). For now, this pie maker is going to savor a little nightcap (chamomile tea, me’thinks) and video game time.

Twitterpatedly signing off,
your Pie Maker

confidential to Mr Pie: <3

Grumpy Pie Is Here!

Hello, world! Grumpy Pie is here!

We’re excited to start making you some pie, Seattle!

Since this is our very first week, we’re keeping our pie classic: Granny Smith Apple, pure and simple. Just like this one, except we ate this one already:
Granny Smith apple pie

Want to get in on this action? Buy a ticket!

Once you’ve bought your ticket, follow us on Twitter or “Like” us on Facebook, and we’ll give you an extra entry into this week’s drawing. That’s right, an extra entry for something you were totally going to do anyway, right? That’s how much we love your support!

We’ll be drawing for this week’s pie on Friday, March 18, about the time we finish our first cup of coffee. The chosen ones will be contacted to make delivery arrangements. We can’t wait!

Pie Is Everywhere!

Are you familiar with the “plate o’ shrimp” concept? It has been explained to me several times thusly: “In the movie Repo Man, someone points out that shrimp plates are everywhere, and you just don’t see them until something triggers you to, and then they’re everywhere!” (This is a paraphrase, of course.) I have to confess that I’ve never seen Repo Man, but a quick bit of lazy Googling leads me to believe that something has been lost in the retelling, but I still think the concept is really interesting.*

I have been having a major Shrimp Plate moment with pie this week, clearly in part because I’ve been thinking a lot about pie. Over the weekend an acquaintance was questioning how someone could claim to make great pie, but always use store-bought crust. That’s straight up nonsense. I would understand if the cheater-crust made an occasional appearance, but all the time? Shame on you, anonymous person, for making that claim! Later the same acquaintance shared a story about giving pie popsicles to Brent Spiner and Alan Frakes at Emerald City Comicon. Short version: Spiner asked whether it was poisoned, and then she told Frakes he was dressed like her dad. (I’m not good at stories. 🙁 Whatever. I swear it was funny.)

And then yesterday, I arrived to my day job drenched from the ridiculous March weather, and while seeking out some newspaper to help my bike-riding pants dry, found this week’s Seattle Weekly, with a huge and shiny cherry pie on the cover! Awesome! And terrifying, since this was the cover article. I was a little nervous to read it, honestly. I was worried about my competition, and nervous in general. I’ll let you read it yourself, but once I found a moment to do so, I felt a lot better. I felt bad for the companies profiled, and a little annoyed that he only profiled two of Seattle’s newer pie-specialists. I also really want to make a stop in Fremont. I think I need a pie-eating to do list.

*There’s an actual, established psychological concept at work here, but I’m frankly too lazy to figure out what it’s called just now.

Team Pie?

Hello, I love pie! Big surprise, I know.

I think that in these contentious times, it’s important to open with a few words on Team Pie vs Team Cake.

This may sound scandalous, but I refuse to take a side in the epic and needless battle that is waging between people who believe that one dessert is superior to the other. Granted, the fact that this is the blog of a Pie Maker may indicate that I prefer the crusty over the crumbly, but it’s not as simple as that.

I really do love cake. Not like my friend Geraldine loves cake. Seriously, that woman’s love for cake is monumental. I don’t feel that way about cake, though I would have liked to taste the English Wedding Cake.

But here’s the thing: I like pie better. I don’t really like a lot of frostings, and that tends to limit the enjoyment I get out of cake. Plus, people look at me weird when I scrape all the frosting off on to my plate before eating cake. A flaky, buttery crust, on the other hand? Yes, please! I admit that as a child I only really liked the tiny margin of crust that was soaked in filling, but no more! I think this Hyperbole and a Half is the best breakdown of why pie is my favorite, right up until she disses crust. The crust is where the magic happens!

So, yeah, I guess if I have to pick a side, I’m Team Pie. Just like Mrs. O.