Wheels Down, Yakima

I realize that “wheels down” is an inaccurately avionic metaphor to describe arriving in my destination, considering that this is a road-tripping blog, but I just woke up from an epic, much-needed nap, during which I dreamt that I got trapped on a 747 driving down an unknown highway. So, there’s that.

Despite having slept close to three hours, maybe, this afternoon, I’m still feeling pretty exhausted. There wasn’t enough sleep in any night last week, and a couple of them were dramatically too long. Except they really weren’t too long, because they were spent with the best people, or y’know, moving almost all our our belongings internationally.

As I tweeted earlier today, I’m pretty sure the only other time I’ve been this exhausted was when I gave birth to our baby. This is actually significantly better than that, though. I didn’t sleep in a hospital at any point in this exhaustion, and I’m in way less pain than I was then, and I came away with a nice guest bedroom and feelings of being well-loved. And there is no meconium poop in my future. So; winning!

Today, Rockford petted a cat for the first time ever. It was all going so well, the three of us sitting on the couch together, practicing our gentle touching, when he decided that standing up to look out the window was more interesting, and promptly fell over onto the poor cat. I found the whole thing very entertaining, and the cat came back for more, so, again, winning!

I have about a million things that I need to get on with doing, starting with turning some chicken thighs into dinner. It’s been a long and crazy weekend and I have a lot to catch up on. Sadly, this is it for today’s blog post, but there will be more, better stuff later this week! I owe several people a song, and many more thanks, and all that is coming. Until then, be excellent to each other.

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