What happens next

As I mentioned earlier, we have been on the precipice of some changes. And now we’re at the point where the cards have fallen, and our path is clear. (How’s that for ominous language? geez.)

One year ago, Carlos and I packed up all our earthly belonging and took a chance on a promising opportunity. We moved to Vancouver, hoping that it would be our home for a long time to come. Unfortunately, things have not worked out that way. We have made some amazing connections, but we haven’t found the right path to be able to stay here and make it our home, and so it’s with heavy hearts that we are leaving Canada.

Moving to Canada has been a big adventure, and it has made some things clear for us. Things like: do the scary shit! We don’t have to be normal people, and sometimes we don’t get to! Also, omg we need to spend time with the people we love!

So that brings us to what’s coming next. Instead of simply reversing the process that we undertook a year ago (packing it all up & going back to Seattle), we’re going in a completely different direction. Starting immediately, we’re selling all of our stuff. We’re unburdening ourselves and setting out to see you. We’re getting a motorhome and taking a year to travel and write. During that time, we intend to spend actual, face-to-face time with as many of you as we can. People, we’re coming to get you!

To support this adventure, we’ve built an Indiegogo campaign. We’re not asking for much – just enough to make sure we have reliable internet access while we’re on the road.

Rose and eggs
Let’s talk some FAQs!

What about work?
Yep, we’ll still be doing that. Carlos will continue with his consulting business. Rose will odd-job and guerrilla-life-coach it up. The baby and the dog will continue to be a baby and a dog, respectively.

Chillax, yo! It’s not like we’re the first people to take a baby on the road. He’s a baby, he’ll be fine. To be honest, I’m a little more worried about our oh-so-loving but not especially smart dog. And, bonus! You’ll learn about what we’re doing to kid-proof a motorhome!

Are you crazy?
Shut your face. We are people who go our own way, and who have never quite fit into the expected molds. Are you really that surprised that we’re doing this? You know us. “We never have to be normal people” was one of our wedding vows. We’ve spent a lot of time in the last couple years trying to fit in to ‘normal’ ways, and it has not advanced our life in ways that makes us happy. It’s time for us to ride the current, rather than fight against it.

What can we do to help?
A few things:

Where will you go?
Specifically, we know we’ll be in Portland, OR in early June, Reno/Tahoe in early July, and DC/Baltimore at the end of August. There will be stops in the San Francisco Bay area, Southern California, Las Vegas, Southern Arizona (who would’ve guessed?), Austin, Boise, Chicago, New York. Do you know, I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon? I’m probably forgetting somewhere right this moment.

And seriously: WE WANT TO SEE YOU! Tell us where to go! And be prepared: we’re gonna want to talk to you while we’re visiting.

Hammer Carlos

2 thoughts on “What happens next”

  1. I am surprised. And yet, not. Sounds like you guys are about to begin what will surely be an amazing and memorable adventure. If I had a drive way I would insist you park in it. Cannot wait to hear all of the amazing stories you’re about to find yourself smack in the middle of. How. Fun.

    Will definitely be supporting this one 🙂

  2. Wow. How exciting it sounds! Hopefully we can see you when you are close-ish to us. Feel free to sell my Multi Meter if it will help on your journey!

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