What happened at Pie Life

1: There were a lot of pies! Actually, there were twelve pies, which seems to be a standard number. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say there were a lot of really awesome looking pies.
All these pies were awesome

2: One of the pies had a bacon lattice. I think nothing more needs to be said on that subject.
bacon lattice!

3: We heard a story about a not-very-smart waitress trying to bootstrap herself from celebrity-booty call to celebrity-girlfriend of the week through the power of pie. It was a pretty entertaining story. Part of me wanted to feel a little sorry for her, but I don’t love the celebrity in question, or the person she was trying to win him back from, so whatever.

4: Shauna James Ahern complimented my pie crust! She didn’t eat it, of course, but she said it looked wonderfully flaky.
You can tell it's good just by looking at it.

5: The Shaker Lemon Pie I brought was named Best Tasting! There were lots of categories, and the winners were all quite deserving (I may have gone back for seconds of the Over-All Awesomeness winner’s Salted Caramel Apple). I am pleased as punch, because I went home with the prize I wanted most, lard (and Kate’s book! and Edible Seattle!)
This pie was popular

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