we’re back, we’re back!

Hello! Hi! Hihihi!

Team Pie is just back from a fantastic ten-day trip to see many of the best members of our extended family. We also saw a bison farm! And mules! (confession: I was more excited about the mules than the bison. The bison were all crowded together in a corral, looking like bored farm animals. The mules were all shiny, running around in a big pasture. And I am a dork.) We ate positively obscene amounts of pork, and stumbled upon the best souvenir ever: growlers from local breweries. You will probably not be surprised to learn that Bozeman, MT had several, and that they were all quite good. We tasted whiskey and played with the tiniest cousins and drove through more road construction than I have ever seen in my life. It was a really good vacation. There are no pictures. (sad face)

And then we came home! Where a slight change in the make-up of our household had occurred, which made the whole experience feel extraordinarily cleansing. And we came home to a clean kitchen, which is perhaps the best thing ever. I used my last vacation day to make pho broth and Mr. Pie made ginger beer. Have I mentioned lately how much I love our crafty life?

And today I am going to make pie! Well, pie crust. Our ever-lovely friends over at Viva Farms are once again hooking us up with top-notch Washington fruit, this time Redhaven peaches from east of the Cascades. I used some Redhavens in my victorious pie the other week, and they were killer. I cannot wait!

So, yes! Redhaven Peach Grumpy Little Pies in the lottery this week! Probably with ginger, but maybe cinnamon. Either way: mmmmm.

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