Don’t look now, but it’s actually sunny in Seattle! I don’t know whether to be excited about it, or sad, because the forecast says it’ll be cloudy and gray again before the weekend. Boo, weather! (also, I feel like I’ve made it as a Seattle resident now that I think the weather is a legitimate topic of conversation. Sorry, all.)

Rest assured that this fleeting beautiful weather is not going to impede my production of awesome Grumpy Little Pies for this week’s lottery. I’ve been referring to them as “Strawberry Stone Fruit,” because I enjoy being kind of vague in the early part of the week, but it has been brought to my attention that I may have chosen too vague a description. Please, allow me to clarify, with the help of the Internet’s most reliable resource: What do I mean when I say “stone fruits“? Drupes, of course! (just kidding, that’s not helpful.) I mean Prunus family fruits with a pit, like plums, and nectarines. Or peaches! Or apricots! I anticipate plums playing a major role, and maybe nectarines, if I can find them. So there you go.

Finally, does anyone else miss Mr. Pie’s “random raps about pie” posts? I totally do. Bring them back, mister!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday!”

    1. You were not alone! It seems I was on top of my “confusing people” game this week. And then it turned out there was only one stone fruit in the pies anyway, so I should’ve just called them “Berry Whatever Pies,” but that just doesn’t have the right ring to it. 😉

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