Vonny Pie Carrier – I wants it.

You know what the hardest part about making pie all the time is? Other than the fact that 98% of the pie I make isn’t for me, I mean? Because, let’s be honest, some days that’s just brutal.

The thing I’m thinking, though? Carrying pies is not always the easiest proposition. I know that cakes suffer from a similar problem (compounded by frosting and layers), but I don’t care about cake’s problems. I have pies that I need to take places! I can’t always be balancing them precariously on one hand; I’m a busy lady! I want a handle, and a lid that actually closes (I’m looking at you, Longaberger pie carrier!), preferably one that is not made of plastic.

You’ll understand, then, the covetousness I am feeling, having discovered pie carriers from Vonny Bags. They’re insulated! And non-skid! And designed so it’s easy to get the pie in & out! And that particular one is both pink AND yellow!

It’s like she looked into my very soul. And the soul of many other bakers, judging from the backorder status. Oh well, a pie maker can dream…

Thanks to The Kitchn for the find!

2 thoughts on “Vonny Pie Carrier – I wants it.”

  1. Ooooooo…This is so Perdy. You should totally have it. When is your birthday? Seems like the perfect bday gift for a pie baker that delivers.

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