Tuesday: Now with more rambling!

What up, pie people?

It kind of looks like fall outside, I’m sad to report. On my morning Vespa around town I actually wore a scarf AND handwarmers today. Not that I”m complaining about an opportunity to wear handknits, of course, but it did seem like an excessive number for August. But on the bright side, autumn is a fantastic time for pie! Warms the house, warms the heart, blah blah blah. Plus, apples! Pears! Quince! (I’ve never used a quince, for the record, but I like them in theory, in part because of my fondness for Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Dreams. Also, there is a soft spot in my heart for weird fruits in general.) Also, pears! They are worth mentioning twice, because of how much I love them.

I am also happy to report that despite having made no visible progress toward pie this morning, I did manage to accomplish one of the last of my post-vacation goals, and perhaps my favorite. People: I reorganized the kitchen. It’s not entirely finished, but I purged the plasticware of orphaned containers and lids, put my prettiest and most beloved items up where I can enjoy them even when they’re not in use, and swapped cabinet space so that it now makes sense for the way I cook. Because despite having both a husband and a housemate who treat the kitchen with respect, it’s still my space, you know? And now with more pretty! Next up: clean the oven, put up some art. Hurray!

Because I got totally sucked down that rabbit hole this morning, I don’t know what kind of pie I’m making for the lottery this week. I’ll make up my mind this evening, though, and let you know. As usual, it will be Grumpy Little Pies, of course.

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