Tis the season for punch!

Last week seems to have been all about winter warmers! I left my chai-scented house to go to a Christmas party that was full of mulled wine. I know mulled wine is as old as time, but I’m happy every year when I rediscover it. There’s nothing quite as wintery and wonderful, I think.

If mulled wine isn’t your thing, the magic of the internet has gathered together a couple great roundups of winter punches to liven up your party. Many of them are alcoholic, but not all.

I think the “Wassail Punch” in this round up from the Kitchn looks like a really great mulled cider. I may also be making the Gingerbread Punch (that conveniently appears in multiple roundups.)

Mmm, Bon Apetit also has a great list. I am pretty much never going to say no to a sparkling-wine based concoction of any kind. My favorite might be this Milk Punch, which looks eerily like chai.

My only complaint about these punches is how much rum is involved. I suppose there are worse things, but I would rather a tasty bourbon base, if it’s all the same.

I hope you find something tasty to warm up your house this weekend!

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