The mystery of the exploding slow cooker

This year, Mr Pie and the brother and I opted to have a super easy, low-key holiday. These plans were laid well before the great plague of 2011, and by the time I had been asleep for most of a week, they were exactly what the doctor ordered.

Last year, our little household cooked a delicious pulled pork, drank egg nog, and played video games all day. This year, we made it a tradition! A delicious, lazy tradition. Having just had a pulled pork last week, Mr. Pie decided to cook a beef roast in his home brewed hazlenut brown ale, with cayenne and cumin, and I don’t even know what else. (I do love it when he cooks!)

Making the most of the slow cooker, we came home from dim sum (yay!), started the roast, took a Christmas nap, played some Mario Kart, turned the roast, took another nap, drank some egg nog, and let the hours merrily pass. At about hour 5 or 6 of the roast cooking, we heard a sudden, loud “pop!” from the kitchen.

Let’s investigate!

Uh, what? That lid used to be clear, and not all broken. It also used to have a handle, but it was starting to fall into the crock, so we took it off.

So, as you know, I love the hell out of my slow cooker. We probably use it weekly. It was a wedding gift, so it’s not like it’s old. We don’t put any part of it in the dishwasher, and nobody was anywhere near it when this happened. WHY, CROCK POT, WHY???

After our initial “WTF?” reaction (and a call to my mom, because seriously, wtf?), we used packing tape to secure the remaining glass (it IS safety glass, but had started to fall apart a little, into the food), and examined the damage.

Luckily, we hadn’t started shredding the roast yet, so we were able to transfer it to the next best pan (yay, red Dutch oven!). We were a little nervous about the glass in the liquid, but thankfully the lid seems to be designed to break into big pieces, and we were able to strain the cooking liquid and leave all the glass behind. Hurray! Later, in a true Christmas miracle, I made good biscuits to go with the ridiculously good beef. Mmm.

And there’s a happy ending to the whole story. I was able to find the gift receipt from the wedding, and when I called Crock Pot, I got really great and quick resolution to my disaster. I suspect mine is not the only lid to have spontaneously exploded, because the customer service rep I talked to did not sound surprised, and her first resolution step was to figure out whether they had a replacement lid in stock. I spent considerably longer waiting to talk to her than I did getting my problem solved. And we’ll be starting the new year with a new lid! While I’m sad it happened, I’m very pleased with how this worked out.

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    1. yes! I’m a little afraid they were the only good biscuits I’ll ever make. I understand the principles behind biscuits, but I don’t make enough to have a good hand at them. We also need to make french toast!

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