The Lid is Back!

Remember that time last year (last year?!) when my slow-cooker lid mysteriously exploded? And I called Sunbeam and they were the nicest people in the world and promised to send me a new one, no questions asked?

Guess what I found on the porch when I came home?

Not the dog, she was inside on the couch, acting like nobody had fed or loved her in a million years. She’s such a liar. No, I’m talking about the box that is literally big enough to hold the dog (if only she would sit still for such a thing).

And what was inside?

Uh, that’s kind of a lot of bubble wrap, isn’t it? This whole thing is beginning to feel like the good old days of Amazon packaging. Is there even a lid in there??

Yay, lid! I tease, but I’m very glad that my lid didn’t come to me pre-shattered. Still, the packaging does seem rather excessive. But in the end, I am happy to see my little friend whole again. Now, what shall I cook in it??

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