Thanksgiving’s Coming!

You guys, it’s almost the best holiday of the year! OK, there are plenty of good holidays, and maybe the one that I think is best is not your favorite, but hear me out:

I love food!

I love my family, both the family that I was born to and the family that my life has built.

Yeah, all that travel is a pain, and for a lot of people it’s a time of high anxiety. I hear that. Still, a holiday all about being thankful for the good things in our life, around a table full of friends and food? That’s my kind of holiday. And while I will often say (and mean it!) that pie is my favorite part of the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s actually just a small slice of what makes it great. I am particularly fond of a big forkful of dark turkey meat with a blob of buttery mashed potatoes, dripping with gravy and just a smear of cranberry sauce. (Someone in my life says having both cranberry sauce and gravy is redundant. I do not understand how that could be possible.)

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