Thanksgiving Planning

Halloween is almost here, which means the best holiday is just around the corner. Pies-giving! I’m afraid I might be planning to go a little overboard with the pies this year. It’s totally reasonable to have an all-pie Thanksgiving dinner, right?

Obviously I’m going to be making at least one Shaker Lemon, which will be my breakfast for the entire holiday weekend. But there are too many other choices!

I know pumpkin pie is traditional, but it’s not my favorite. I love custard eight ways to Sunday, but making custard pies is not a thing I love. I do love the pumpkin part of it, though, so I’m thinking that I’ll make this French Pumpkin Pie from Saveur. Or a variation on it, anyway. I’m thinking it might be perfect for Pumpkin pie cookies???

Also intriguing, in a ‘weird old-fashioned pie is awesome’ way, Raisin Pie. I’m pretty sure this is still something people eat on the East Coast, right? It’s one of those pies that people order on TV shows, but I’ve never seen in person.

Of course, while I’m subjecting my loved ones to a trip down Unusual Pie Lane, I’m here to help you treat yours to something more familiar and wonderful (or maybe unfamiliar and wonderful). Classic Apple for your traditionalist dinner? Caramel Pear for something new? Shaker Lemon so everyone remembers why you’re the favorite kid? I’ve got you covered.

And don’t forget, you CAN take pies as carry-on luggage! Just imagine how jealous you’ll make everyone on the plane!

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