Thank you and hurray!

Dear internets,

You have been super awesome today. I remember a day, not that long ago, when I looked at Twitter and thought, “whaa? What’s the point?” But those days are so long over. I could seriously spend an hour telling you about how many of the most interesting and supportive people I know have come to me through Twitter, but it’s late, and this little Pie Maker has had a long day. Instead, check out these awesome people. Every single one of them deserves a huge high five, especially Mr. Pie, for making it all possible and smooth. (Also, Facebook brought some A-game, but I just got back from a tweetup, not a faceup, so Twitter gets the lion’s share of tonight’s love.)

Tomorrow I’ll come back with more love, and pie chitterchatter (I want a synonym for this that doesn’t convey a negative value. thoughts?). For now, this pie maker is going to savor a little nightcap (chamomile tea, me’thinks) and video game time.

Twitterpatedly signing off,
your Pie Maker

confidential to Mr Pie: <3

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