Team Pie?

Hello, I love pie! Big surprise, I know.

I think that in these contentious times, it’s important to open with a few words on Team Pie vs Team Cake.

This may sound scandalous, but I refuse to take a side in the epic and needless battle that is waging between people who believe that one dessert is superior to the other. Granted, the fact that this is the blog of a Pie Maker may indicate that I prefer the crusty over the crumbly, but it’s not as simple as that.

I really do love cake. Not like my friend Geraldine loves cake. Seriously, that woman’s love for cake is monumental. I don’t feel that way about cake, though I would have liked to taste the English Wedding Cake.

But here’s the thing: I like pie better. I don’t really like a lot of frostings, and that tends to limit the enjoyment I get out of cake. Plus, people look at me weird when I scrape all the frosting off on to my plate before eating cake. A flaky, buttery crust, on the other hand? Yes, please! I admit that as a child I only really liked the tiny margin of crust that was soaked in filling, but no more! I think this Hyperbole and a Half is the best breakdown of why pie is my favorite, right up until she disses crust. The crust is where the magic happens!

So, yeah, I guess if I have to pick a side, I’m Team Pie. Just like Mrs. O.

2 thoughts on “Team Pie?”

    1. Soon there will be a lottery! And you could be reaping the benefits of my love of pie. Ask Jen & Rudy, it’s bitchin’! (yes, I said bitchin’.)

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