Thanksgiving happened!

Good afternoon, everybody!

Thanksgiving: crazytown, amirite? What a week, last week! I hope you had a wonderful holiday, full of good food and people you love and not getting pepper sprayed trying to buy an Xbox. As I’m sure you can imagine, we made a TON of pies, then I collapsed into an exhausted heap while everyone else made the holiday happen. Go team!

And we took exactly 0 pictures of the whole thing. Not one picture of a pie, not one picture of the beautiful turkey, nor the round-the-table fist-bump grace (maybe one of the greatest moments of the weekend, frankly). I feel a little bad about that, but what’re you gonna do? In an era of hyper-sharing, we savored our private celebration, and that is as it should be.

And now that it’s over, it’s time to get back to work! (Actually, I was back to work yesterday, but you know what I mean). Pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie! Pie!

Last Call for Thanksgiving Pies!

It’s almost here, it’s almost here! Thanksgiving! The holiday of pies… Are you excited?

Today is your last chance to order some delicious Grumpy Pies for next week. Remember how awesome they are? They’ll totally complement your meal. I thought about having them as my whole meal. I won’t judge you if you decide to do the same.

Look! Remember these beauties?

I don’t remember what’s inside of these Little Pies, but look at those crusts!

You can tell it's good just by looking at it.
My beloved Shaker Lemon. Soon we will be together again!

Aw, the very first Pie Cookie!

You know I want to make you some pies. Go place an order. Make us both happy!

Some things I love this week


I’ve been thinking about some of the things that are kind of awesome right now, and that might be of use to you. Has something been totally making you smile lately? Tell me about it in the comments!

This is the best vegetable corer in the world. I have destroyed multiple melon ballers. They are not a particularly well-made kitchen product to begin with (that teeny, tiny weld! So fragile!), and they just can’t stand up to the task of taking the cores out of multiple fruits. Tragic! Not this one, though – This one has been going strong for WEEKS! Maybe longer. It has cored a lot of pears, and shows no signs of slowing down. I think the secret is that the open back means that there’s not a lot of pressure on the little weld, but that’s pure speculation.

Serrated vegetable peeler! It looks gimmicky, and I was, frankly, super skeptical when one was gifted to me. But it’s awesome! It’s particularly awesome if you’re peeling something with a delicate skin. Like, for example, pears. Also does a great job on sweet potatoes and carrots. I feel like it doesn’t get stuck, and despite the fact that I frequently hit my thumb with it, it doesn’t tear up my skin.

Customized tours! Seattle is full of awesome things, how will you choose which ones to do? Nell at Localist Seattle runs an awesome little company that will build a customized tour to suit your interests. I have often been in a new city and felt overwhelmed by the task of choosing what to do. I don’t want to do the tourist things! If you’re coming to visit Seattle (or have family coming!), book a tour with Nell, see the city like a local!

Hot chocolate! I shouldn’t have caffeine late in the afternoon. But I am cold, and I love coffee. Compromise? Victrola’s barely-sweetened, just-hot-enough hot chocolate. Good gravy, a good hot chocolate is a thing of beauty.

Making you pie! Yeah, OK, I haven’t actually started making these pies yet (it’s too soon!) but even the planning stages are awesome. And yes, I do think I’m awesome. Do you not think you’re awesome? You totally should.

Starting the Thanksgiving countdown

As much as I love Thanksgiving, I am not the kind of person who begins planning it months in advance. I don’t want to have to travel, and I’m generally happy (at this point in my life) to just see what group of friends and family accumulates. And then buy a turkey at the last minute.

Of course, I do plan the pies (usually).

Since I’m going to be making so many pies in the days before the holiday, I’m thinking that I probably won’t make super elaborate pies for my own dinner. (Rest easy, raisin-haters, that means no mincemeat or raisin pies!) My exception, of course, will be Shaker Lemon, because, as you know, it is my favorite.

A little bird (read: passing glance at my orders) tells me that people are craving Caramel Apple for their Thanksgiving tables this year. I think we might have Caramel Pear, just to be contrarian (and because IT IS DELICIOUS).

If you want to free up a little time and oven space next week, you still have time to order some pie. Do it! You know you want to…

Prelude to Pie Cookies

I noticed a problem with the recipe. It’s been updated. Carry on!

As I mentioned on Twitter earlier, I bought cranberries over the weekend. I saw them in the grocery store and found myself powerless to resist them. After the holidays I tend to forget how much I love the tartness of cranberry. Did you know what the “wet-pick” method of harvesting yields fruit that goes directly to juicing or freezing? All those bags we see in the store are picked by hand, not by the iconic flooded-field method. (Cranberries are grown in Washington, but I’ve never seen them in the farmers’ markets – you?)

At first I thought I might just hold on to them until Thanksgiving (They last forever! Seriously, like a year in the fridge), but then I realized that they needed to go into pie, and urgently. So, tomorrow’s Apple Pie Cookies will be extra special: Apple Cranberry.

I made a small batch of fairly classic cranberry sauce to go into my cookies. It’s also, conveniently, just the right amount of sauce for a 1 or 2 person household.

This sauce would be perfect if you happened to have some turkey cold cuts in the fridge and wanted to spice up your sandwich, or if you’re roasting a chicken and want to get into the Thanksgiving spirit.

Wash and sort the cranberries, combine all ingredients except water in a saucepan, cook over low heat until the cranberries start to burst and become soft. Remove from heat, stir in the water, then apply liberally to toasted bread topped with turkey and gravy. Or refrigerate overnight, to get a more balanced flavor.

Making Thanksgiving easy

Thanksgiving with my family is usually pretty easy. Nobody wants to be the one in charge of the whole meal, we don’t have a strong attachment to specific recipes, so there’s no great outcry if the sweet potatoes are roasted with rosemary instead of mashed with bourbon and butter.

Not negotiable, though? Pie. Only in the last couple years have I come to appreciate the classic pumpkin pie. For years and years I would try to make something more interesting, only to be shot down by my mom, and her fierce attachment to the classic. I have had free reign to make all the other pies as schmancy as I want, though, and I have. And will continue to do so! I’m still deciding what we’ll have this year – how about you?

A definite yes: Shaker Lemon. Obviously.

You should have one too – think of how impressed your guests will be! Or maybe comfort food is more your style – why not get a classic apple to finish off your meal? Or Fennel-Roasted Pear? Just surprising enough to wake you up after dinner.

Don’t forget, even if you’re traveling, you can take your Grumpy Pie with you. Meet your loved ones at the airport with pie and get your holiday off to the right start!