Snow Day!

Here in Seattle, we’re about to have the worst snow storm since 1996. Or 1969. Or not at all. We did get somewhere in the 4-6 inches range over the weekend, and, as usual, it has messed us up. Luckily, since it snowed in the middle of a three-day weekend, the city has only been half as crippled as usual.

Still, it’s way colder than I would like it to be. I had really hoped that the annual snowpocalypse would happen while Mr. Pie and I were in Hawaii, thus sparing us both the cold. No such luck.

To combat the cold, we’re living on soup. I made a somewhat modified version of this already-modified Taiwanese beef noodle soup, along with chicken-sausage-kale-sweet-potato, to which I’m going to add an egg for my second breakfast. And then go back to knitting sweaters. With any luck, I’ll finish one just in time for the weather to warm up again!

One of the most interesting things about Seattle’s once-yearly is the shock and snark from people who have moved here from places that have real winters. Part of me finds it infuriating to listen to midwesterners laughing at Seattleites struggling to get home in unaccustomed snow. Another part of me wished they would tell us their winter-survival secrets. What do you eat all winter, people who live where it’s really winter? I want your awesome winter warmer recipes! Soups, drinks, breads, anything you cook to brighten up the winter, I want to hear about it!

(Up top is a sneak peek of a tasty creation from the mind of Mr. Pie. So. Good. Look for it later this week!)