Busy Kitchen

Currently happening in our kitchen:

Soon this will be soup

I made some kinda-sausage to go into my favorite fall soup. It’s ground extra lean turkey, seasoned to an approximation of a spicy Italian sausage. It’s an entirely experimental undertaking. Wish me luck.

Also happening: I am having a little trouble getting back into my bread-making groove. I made some cinnamon rolls last week, but I cheated a little and used the dough setting on my bread machine. Yay, inherited bread machine! I can make pie dough in my sleep, but my bread-by-hand skills are a little rusty.

Beer actively fermenting

And! The Mister was busy this weekend! He made a new batch of ginger ale, which smelled amazing, and then we took a grand motorcycle adventure to the homebrew store. (And I do mean adventure: we got trapped on the wrong side of a football game, with some seriously unwieldy cargo. A story for another time.) To my great surprise, Mr. Pie had never made beer at home before! This weekend we have set about remedying that.

There are so many things fermenting in my kitchen right now! I’m having a really hard time leaving the carboy of beer alone. I know it’s not really doing anything, just bubbling, but I want to look at it! Fermenting continues to be a valuable exercise in patience, it seems.

Not pictured: Pie Crust! Wednesday I’ll be out and around town, bringing pie to your face. And then again on Friday! Pie faces for everyone! There will be Plum Basil! Also, Old School Apple! It’s that time!