Playing around in the kitchen

Hey-o, Friday afternoon! Where did you come from? Yikes!

It’s busy-busy-busy over here in pie-land. Spent the last two afternoons out delivering pies, which is pretty much the best. (Especially the part where my path crossed that of a pre-school class in the depths of Pike Place Market. Pretty sure that thinking pre-schoolers are cute means something is wrong with me.)

Any-hoo. Making pie! As I mentioned yesterday, Pie Life is tomorrow! I have lemons happily macerating away in their sugar bath, and Classic Apple Grumpy Little Pies getting ready to head out to happy hour, and pie cookies in the oven.

That’s right. Pie Cookies.

They are entirely inspired by these, which my slightly evil and wonderful favorite geeky metalsmith brought to my attention. She kills me. Let’s let it suffice that pie cookies = awesome. I’m… unable to articulate their awesomeness any more clearly than that, just now. Expect them to be available to order next week. Expect yourself to be stunned by their cuteness.