National Cupcake Day?

As you may have heard, today is National Cupcake Day. This is, of course, not a Federal holiday, but still one that people are super excited about, because of the inexplicable popularity of cupcakes.

But there’s a scandal! (My favorite!)

We’re all celebrating an impostor holiday! December 15 is in fact… National LEMON Cupcake Day. Chocolate Cupcake Day is in October, Vanilla Cupcake Day is in November. Unofficially, March brings us Baileys/Car Bomb/Guinness Cupcake Day, which may actually be my favorite of the Cupcake Days.

But with all this celebration of cupcakes, I have a question: When will we celebrate National “Adorably cupcake-size pie that I refuse to refer to as a Cup-pie” Day?

I don’t need to worry about the full-sized pie, though – by my count, there are nineteen days celebrating some kind of pie. I’m a little sad to notice how many of them are way out of season, actually. Blueberry Pie in April? Tsk. On the other hand, I am perfectly happy to squish together national Egg Nog Day (Dec 24) and National Pumpkin Pie Day (Dec 25). That sounds like a perfect Christmas breakfast!

Since these all seem to be totally arbitrary dates, I suggest we pick a day for the Tiny Pie and celebrate it. What do you think? What day shall we designate for the celebration of the best kind of pie, the kind you can carry in your hand?

(On a more serious note, here is a suggestion for a national holiday that I would sing from the hills. The Bill of Rights: maybe the best thing ever. Let us be thankful and celebrate it!)

Starting the Thanksgiving countdown

As much as I love Thanksgiving, I am not the kind of person who begins planning it months in advance. I don’t want to have to travel, and I’m generally happy (at this point in my life) to just see what group of friends and family accumulates. And then buy a turkey at the last minute.

Of course, I do plan the pies (usually).

Since I’m going to be making so many pies in the days before the holiday, I’m thinking that I probably won’t make super elaborate pies for my own dinner. (Rest easy, raisin-haters, that means no mincemeat or raisin pies!) My exception, of course, will be Shaker Lemon, because, as you know, it is my favorite.

A little bird (read: passing glance at my orders) tells me that people are craving Caramel Apple for their Thanksgiving tables this year. I think we might have Caramel Pear, just to be contrarian (and because IT IS DELICIOUS).

If you want to free up a little time and oven space next week, you still have time to order some pie. Do it! You know you want to…