Some things I love this week


I’ve been thinking about some of the things that are kind of awesome right now, and that might be of use to you. Has something been totally making you smile lately? Tell me about it in the comments!

This is the best vegetable corer in the world. I have destroyed multiple melon ballers. They are not a particularly well-made kitchen product to begin with (that teeny, tiny weld! So fragile!), and they just can’t stand up to the task of taking the cores out of multiple fruits. Tragic! Not this one, though – This one has been going strong for WEEKS! Maybe longer. It has cored a lot of pears, and shows no signs of slowing down. I think the secret is that the open back means that there’s not a lot of pressure on the little weld, but that’s pure speculation.

Serrated vegetable peeler! It looks gimmicky, and I was, frankly, super skeptical when one was gifted to me. But it’s awesome! It’s particularly awesome if you’re peeling something with a delicate skin. Like, for example, pears. Also does a great job on sweet potatoes and carrots. I feel like it doesn’t get stuck, and despite the fact that I frequently hit my thumb with it, it doesn’t tear up my skin.

Customized tours! Seattle is full of awesome things, how will you choose which ones to do? Nell at Localist Seattle runs an awesome little company that will build a customized tour to suit your interests. I have often been in a new city and felt overwhelmed by the task of choosing what to do. I don’t want to do the tourist things! If you’re coming to visit Seattle (or have family coming!), book a tour with Nell, see the city like a local!

Hot chocolate! I shouldn’t have caffeine late in the afternoon. But I am cold, and I love coffee. Compromise? Victrola’s barely-sweetened, just-hot-enough hot chocolate. Good gravy, a good hot chocolate is a thing of beauty.

Making you pie! Yeah, OK, I haven’t actually started making these pies yet (it’s too soon!) but even the planning stages are awesome. And yes, I do think I’m awesome. Do you not think you’re awesome? You totally should.

Urban Farming and Pie – we love it!

Pie is awesome, right?

And what else is awesome? Farming. And music.

This evening, we’re going to go out and enjoy all three! Comejoin us!

I don’t have many pies left (yay!), but I’ll be bringing what I have. It’s kind of cold and dreary outside, so something tells me I’ll be glad to have them.

And I almost forgot!

Monday I’ll be competing in Cake vs Pie – The Rematch! It’s at Vermillion. I do not expect to win, but I do expect to leave there with an empty pie plate. Wish me luck!

fennel-pear grumpy pie

Gratuitious Pie

the makings of great pie

Yesterday I made a whole lot of pie crust, and filled it with a whole lot of Fennel-Roasted Pear. There might have been some Shaker Lemons, also.

Oh my. They’re pretty.

And the best part? They’re for you! The Shaker Lemons got snapped up (yeah!), but I have Fennel-Pear. Everyone who’s been asking about a savory pie? This is your pie. I want to bring some to you, on the Vespa! $7 each.