Last Call for Thanksgiving Pies!

It’s almost here, it’s almost here! Thanksgiving! The holiday of pies… Are you excited?

Today is your last chance to order some delicious Grumpy Pies for next week. Remember how awesome they are? They’ll totally complement your meal. I thought about having them as my whole meal. I won’t judge you if you decide to do the same.

Look! Remember these beauties?

I don’t remember what’s inside of these Little Pies, but look at those crusts!

You can tell it's good just by looking at it.
My beloved Shaker Lemon. Soon we will be together again!

Aw, the very first Pie Cookie!

You know I want to make you some pies. Go place an order. Make us both happy!

What happened at Pie Life

1: There were a lot of pies! Actually, there were twelve pies, which seems to be a standard number. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say there were a lot of really awesome looking pies.
All these pies were awesome

2: One of the pies had a bacon lattice. I think nothing more needs to be said on that subject.
bacon lattice!

3: We heard a story about a not-very-smart waitress trying to bootstrap herself from celebrity-booty call to celebrity-girlfriend of the week through the power of pie. It was a pretty entertaining story. Part of me wanted to feel a little sorry for her, but I don’t love the celebrity in question, or the person she was trying to win him back from, so whatever.

4: Shauna James Ahern complimented my pie crust! She didn’t eat it, of course, but she said it looked wonderfully flaky.
You can tell it's good just by looking at it.

5: The Shaker Lemon Pie I brought was named Best Tasting! There were lots of categories, and the winners were all quite deserving (I may have gone back for seconds of the Over-All Awesomeness winner’s Salted Caramel Apple). I am pleased as punch, because I went home with the prize I wanted most, lard (and Kate’s book! and Edible Seattle!)
This pie was popular

Playing around in the kitchen

Hey-o, Friday afternoon! Where did you come from? Yikes!

It’s busy-busy-busy over here in pie-land. Spent the last two afternoons out delivering pies, which is pretty much the best. (Especially the part where my path crossed that of a pre-school class in the depths of Pike Place Market. Pretty sure that thinking pre-schoolers are cute means something is wrong with me.)

Any-hoo. Making pie! As I mentioned yesterday, Pie Life is tomorrow! I have lemons happily macerating away in their sugar bath, and Classic Apple Grumpy Little Pies getting ready to head out to happy hour, and pie cookies in the oven.

That’s right. Pie Cookies.

They are entirely inspired by these, which my slightly evil and wonderful favorite geeky metalsmith brought to my attention. She kills me. Let’s let it suffice that pie cookies = awesome. I’m… unable to articulate their awesomeness any more clearly than that, just now. Expect them to be available to order next week. Expect yourself to be stunned by their cuteness.

Pie Lottery September 23

Heeeeey, there.

Guess what?

I went to the store and got some lemons. Then I spent 15 minutes staging and photographing them, because I am a procrastinator, and also new camera = learning curve.

After my patience for that task was exhausted, I did this to them:

Sliced lemons

That’s the power of a sharp knife, people. And the secret to a good Shaker Lemon pie.

Then they turned into this!

shaker lemon pie fillings

How can you resist that? Yes, I know, there’s pith in there, but that’s the WHOLE POINT. The Shakers were a frugal and pragmatic group. I promise you, unless you’re a supertaster, that pith shouldn’t offend you. If you like marmalade or lemon curd, this pie is going to melt your face off, you’ll be so happy.

As usual, I’m going to pick a winner for these bad boys at noon. Click that little button down there, buy yourself a ticket, take a chance. And today’s lottery comes with a special treat: Delivery by Rose! (assuming the logistics work out right)

EditCongratulations to our awesome friend Jen, who was one of the first people to know about Grumpy Pie, and reminds this pie maker of an awesome adult version of her sister. Hurray, Jen!

Shaker lemon!

You guys.
thin lemon slices for shaker lemon pie
I love lemons.

I took a pretty decent glamor shot of a lemon to go with this post. Imagine it right here! … I can’t get it off the camera. Behold! Lemons, on their way to pie!

Sad, lack of pictures aside, omg, Shaker Lemon pie. I love it so much. I think we had this conversation once already, several months ago. I also can’t find that post. I may need to retire from the internet, at this rate. In my defense, though, I did discover that Idaho has both a Lake Pend Orielle and an adjacent city named Ponderay. They’re the same word(s)! What gives, Idaho?

I apologize.

The point here is: Shaker Lemon! I saw it described the other day as ‘aggressively old fashioned,’ which I like. It’s a pie that I imagine my terrifying great-grandmother would’ve enjoyed, with her creepy, ancient dog curled up at her feet. Someday I hope to terrorize small children half as well as she did. Despite being made of pretty much just sugar and lemons and eggs, it’s not super sweet, but it’s bright and lemony and it will wake your face up!

If you don’t love lemon with a burning passion, this may not be the pie for you. It is not for the faint of heart. It is, however, a slice of history, and one that has endured for a reason. Take a chance!