Comfort food – Beans & Greens

Mr. Pie and I had a lovely nine day adventure to Hawaii to begin our year. We were lucky to stay in two places that had full kitchens, so we did a lot of our own cooking. This is one of the best things about vacation, as far as I am concerned. While I enjoy eating out as much as the next person, I am happiest when it’s an option, and not an obligation. We made some pretty delightful food on our trip, which we plan to replicate for the blog soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

But the best part of vacation eating is coming home and eating in my own kitchen again, hands down. Even if it was not exactly clean when we came home, and had no groceries in it to speak of.

And what’s even better than cooking in my own kitchen after vacation? Someone else cooking for us, of course!I had grand plans for making some comfort food, but got nowhere. Thankfully, Joe stepped up to the plate, took his first run at my favorite bean-cooking method, cooked more bacon than I would have, and generally made my night. Hurray, Joe!

This is a super easy, very adaptable recipe that gets a lot of use in my family. It’s absolutely fine to use canned beans, if you have them. Use whatever kind of greens you like. Mustard greens looked good to me at the store, but I’ve had great success with kale and chard as well. Add some chili flakes or a splash of wine. Make it yours!

Beans and Greens!

Using my magic beans method, cook beans until tender. When your beans are cooked, fry bacon in a wide pan until crispy, then add mustard greens, cover, and cook them until they’re wilted but not soggy. Add beans, mix, top with hot sauce, enjoy!