Give the Gift of Skill

I was going to write you a lovely blog post about a very pretty caramel apple pie. It was going to be so awesome! Except, the pie isn’t pretty (gasp!), and every step of it has been frustrating, for no good reason. I am not feeling the love for that pie, just this moment.

Instead, let’s take a moment and remember the words of the Starks: Winter is coming. (Yes, we got sucked into Game of Thrones. I will not apologize, nor spoil.) You know what that means, right? Knitting time! Pie making time! And not just for me! It’s also Christmas gift time!

I’m not going to knit you any Christmas gifts. But you know what would be an awesome gift? Skills! Imagine all the guilt you could apply toward getting handknits if you bought your favorite crafty person some knitting instruction!

For a returning knitter with a pattern in mind, 2 hours is a really reasonable amount of time to get reacquainted with their needles and brush up on knitting terminology. An adept (read: otherwise somewhat craftyish) beginning knitter can get a good start on their way in the same amount of time, though they won’t get quite as far (probably, depending on the knitter. YMMV, y’know).

As I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn, I’m a huge fan of gifts that keep giving (also: gifts I can eat. unrelated.). That whole “teach a man to fish” thing, you know. And just think of the adorableness that you’ll get next year as a thank-you!