Urban Farming and Pie – we love it!

Pie is awesome, right?

And what else is awesome? Farming. And music.

This evening, we’re going to go out and enjoy all three! Comejoin us!

I don’t have many pies left (yay!), but I’ll be bringing what I have. It’s kind of cold and dreary outside, so something tells me I’ll be glad to have them.

And I almost forgot!

Monday I’ll be competing in Cake vs Pie – The Rematch! It’s at Vermillion. I do not expect to win, but I do expect to leave there with an empty pie plate. Wish me luck!

fennel-pear grumpy pie

Gratuitious Pie

the makings of great pie

Yesterday I made a whole lot of pie crust, and filled it with a whole lot of Fennel-Roasted Pear. There might have been some Shaker Lemons, also.

Oh my. They’re pretty.

And the best part? They’re for you! The Shaker Lemons got snapped up (yeah!), but I have Fennel-Pear. Everyone who’s been asking about a savory pie? This is your pie. I want to bring some to you, on the Vespa! $7 each.