Pies of mystery!

small pies, ready for the oven

OK, so.

I have this summer cold, right? And last night I had a family obligation, and then I had to bike my sleepy, grumpy, summer-cold-riddled butt back up a million hills, and by the time I got home, I was done. So I didn’t go to the grocery store. And then this morning I was all prepared to go – I had my list, my keys, I brushed my teeth and headed for the door, and then got sidetracked by an interesting and wide-ranging conversation with the Mister, and all of a sudden it was too late for me to go to the store.

So that happened.

Obviously, I am still going to make pie today, after the day job. But my dear and delightful husband will be making the trip to the store this afternoon. So I have no idea what kind of pies I’m making. I assure you, they’ll be great. They’ll just be a little more Iron Chef than they usually are.

How brave are we feeling this week? I do love a little adventure, and there’s no one better for it than Mr. Pie.