omg, UCU!

The other evening, as I was toodling around the kitchen, putting together my favorite pie for Pie Life, I discovered that I had hidden away a lollipop from This Charming Candy (which is pretty charming, I have to say), and it reminded me! That Urban Craft Uprising is coming!

Over the summer, I bought a purple and orange Crystalyn Kae purse that continues to tickle me, a slightly-disappointing bacon caramel, and handmade vegan coconut lemongrass lotion. I didn’t even come close to scratching the surface of really cool stuff that was available, and the summer show is the smaller one.

Urban Craft Uprising Winter 2011 is December 3 & 4, at Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Go early, go caffeinated, go prepared to have your mind blown with cuteness.

Yeah, there’s yarn… so much yarn.