Grumpy Come Ons

Over the last few weeks we have been trying some new pick-up lines during our lunch outings. But, so far we haven’t found the right one thatĀ justĀ fits. How would you pimp a flakey, buttery, delicious pie, little pie, or pie cookie? If I choose your line you will get a special super secret prize.

Things we’ve tried:

  1. I want to put this cookie in your mouth.
  2. You look like a man (woman) who likes pie.
  3. Do you like pie?
  4. If you buy a pie I’ll stop bothering you.
  5. Hey, you! Stop running away.

What happened at Pie Life

1: There were a lot of pies! Actually, there were twelve pies, which seems to be a standard number. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say there were a lot of really awesome looking pies.
All these pies were awesome

2: One of the pies had a bacon lattice. I think nothing more needs to be said on that subject.
bacon lattice!

3: We heard a story about a not-very-smart waitress trying to bootstrap herself from celebrity-booty call to celebrity-girlfriend of the week through the power of pie. It was a pretty entertaining story. Part of me wanted to feel a little sorry for her, but I don’t love the celebrity in question, or the person she was trying to win him back from, so whatever.

4: Shauna James Ahern complimented my pie crust! She didn’t eat it, of course, but she said it looked wonderfully flaky.
You can tell it's good just by looking at it.

5: The Shaker Lemon Pie I brought was named Best Tasting! There were lots of categories, and the winners were all quite deserving (I may have gone back for seconds of the Over-All Awesomeness winner’s Salted Caramel Apple). I am pleased as punch, because I went home with the prize I wanted most, lard (and Kate’s book! and Edible Seattle!)
This pie was popular

Cake v Pie – The Rematch!

Hey everybody!

Remember yesterday, when I was all “I don’t like competing, wah wah”? Well, I did my part. I made this pie! We decided to call it “Baker Street Plum,” because of the children’s series “Basil of Baker Street, about a mouse who lives in Sherlock Holmes’ basement and solves mouse crimes!

basil plum pie in a window

Mmmm, Plum with basil and honey. I like it.

You’ll notice that it looks like most of my pies, which is to say, rustic. This is generally intentional! Pie is a home food, and one that anyone can make. It doesn’t need to look fancy to be good.

That being said, I may have spent a little time in the bathroom at the venue having a panic attack after seeing some other entries.

There were some really pretty pies there! I did feel rather inadequate, like I had brought the wrong pie.

(at this point, I may be obsessing about the pies again. forgive me.)

Anyway… There were 12 pies entered (and 12 cakes!). Once the judges had a chance to assess each one, it became a pie social (also, cake social, but whatever). Competitors were encouraged to maintain control of serving their own pie, but most people seemed to cut a few slices and then wander. Luckily for me, Mr. Pie did the wandering-and-getting-more-pie part, and so I was dishing up my pie when a volunteer came to get a second slice so the judges could retaste my pie! And yes, that is a good sign.

That right there, folks, is your third place pie! Interestingly, coming in 3rd of 12 against lots of really pretty pies felt a lot more like a triumph than that time I came in 1st of 3.

it's redundant and decorative!

Last year’s winner Kate Lebo was there. She came in second, with a Whiskey Apple pie. She also entirely convinced me not to run away, AND had this wisdom: “I never trust a too-pretty pie crust. I’m afraid they’ll be tough.” So, yeah, Kate Lebo: definitely a fan of her. (also, fan of Mr. Pie for starting a conversation with her while I was busy freaking out in the bathroom.)

I didn’t get a picture of the winning pie alone, though it was the one right next to mine. It was apple pear. It was still warm. I think that might be some kind of cheating. Regardless, she had the flakiest crust I tasted there. Congratulations to her as well!

Many thanks to Jenise Silva at Seattlest for organizing this fun event! And in case you’re wondering, yes, Pie did emerge triumphant over cake again this year!

Competition pie!

Aaah, it’s almost showdown time!

Entering competitions is really weird for me. I don’t like losing. I don’t even like the possibility of losing. My ever-eloquent friend Geraldine put it very well in a tweet that I just spent an inordinate amount of time finding: There are only going to be winners in this battle. If nothing else, I have already triumphed over my aversion to competition. (though you’ll notice that I have no aversion to trash-talking. What is wrong with me?)

Anyway, best of luck to everyone competing today! I look forward to stuffing my face with lovingly crafted baked goods!

mmm, pie crust

I may be a little OCD