Serious bike covetousness

Hello, covetousness.

You know I <3 my bicycle, right? It's utilitarian. It takes me places, it doesn't look like the kind of bike you should steal, it's not super heavy. It's a perfectly fine bike, and I am happy with it. But that doesn't mean that a girl can't do a little window shopping, right? Lately I have been drooling in the (figurative) windows of Sweetpea Bicycles.

I dream of someday cruising around on a cute little A-line, even though I’m sad that orange isn’t one of the colors it’s offered in. But in my imagination, it’s orange, which is really all I need, since that’s the only place I’m ever going to have one.

And now have more covetousness, because they’ve got bags. I may never have an A-Line of my own, but I could totally have a quick-trip messenger bag. I’d put my imaginary Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook in it, cruise down to the coffee shop, and dream up all kinds of ridiculous baked goods.

A girl can dream, right?

fuseproject: LOCAL

Despite the frequency with which I talk about bicycling here, (and on Facebook, and on Twitter, and on the Amtrak, and pretty much everywhere) I have come to riding a bike through a sense of necessity. I need to be able to get around on my on volition, and sometimes, in the cold and rain and wet, walking just doesn’t cut it. So, kicking and screaming, I got on a bike.

And it turns out I love it. What I don’t particularly love is packing all of my earthly belongings on to my back and slogging sweatily up Seattle’s many hills. Thankfully I can haul a lot more stuff on the Vespa, but still I dream little dreams of fuseproject: LOCAL. Maybe I’m biased because of all the orange, but that’s a cargo bike I could ride with pride. I can’t wait to see one in the wild!

h/t to tingilinde for so much good bike p0rn.

Pie Lottery September 9

Good morning and happy Friday, pie people. How has your week been? I spent much of this week fighting some kind of bug, again. Hurray, seasons changing, making me feel all weird. And there was this very sad news about iconic Seattle barista and generally well-loved person Brian Fairbrother. From what I hear in the air, it’s been kind of a hard week all over. I guess the thing to do at this point is to put our best out into the world.

I made pie. Also, be on the lookout for hugs, if you see me. I need them, I suspect you may too.

Mopey seriousness aside, look at some pretty pie, won’t you? They’re Plum Blueberry! Because why the hell not? Perhaps my two most favorite late-summer treats, all bundled up into a hug for your face.

Small Plum Blueberry Pies

As per usual, you have until noon to click on that button down there and buy a lottery ticket. I’ll draw a winner at noon. And give your loved ones a hug and/or a kind word, will ya?

Edit Congratulations Kyle!