Lentil salad, cyclists, teenage rap battles

Good morning! This post is not about pie.

It’s totally gray and dreary here is Seattle this morning. Seems kind of fitting, it’s been a rough weekend, and Monday never helps anything.
Even the dog is sad

Actually, we here at Grumpy’s House of Pie and Stuff had a pretty lovely weekend, full of birthday parties and drag queens and so many motorcycle dates. And so much lentil salad! Somehow I forgot how much I love a good lentil salad. So easy, so versatile, so casually vegan. (Of course, we’re not vegan, but it’s nice to be able to bring something to a potluck that’s both delicious and accessible to anyone who may show up.) But it was a terrible week to be a bicyclist in the Northwest, part of a kind of terrible summer for it, actually. And a friend’s sister shattered a vertebra bridge-jumping, which is also super shitty and making us sad.

On the other hand, the school year has started again, which always makes for some awesome teenager-watching in our neighborhood. In the spring it became routine for a rap battle to occur just outside our yard, which is pretty awesome, if you ask me. They were always on Friday, during the lunch break. And we missed the first Friday lunch of the school year! I am a little disappointed to have missed out on the first rap battle of the year (assuming it actually happened, I guess).

OH! I just realized that now we’ll get to terrorize teenagers with the big motorcycle! Morning = made.

I know that the last couple weeks have been a little… somber over here, but I promise that we’re not going to stay that way! As I vaguebooked yesterday, changes are a-coming! Big, awesome, exciting, fun, challenging, zomg changes. Ch-ch-ch-changes! They’re totally my beans to spill, but I am not ready just yet. Heehee! Stay tuned!