Christmas cookies, omg!

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I got sucked into an internet rabbit hole of Christmas cookies. It is for the best that I don’t love making cookies, and only got sucked into a vortex of looking at them. How cute are these Korean flower cookies? … Continued

Some things I love this week


Hi! I’ve been thinking about some of the things that are kind of awesome right now, and that might be of use to you. Has something been totally making you smile lately? Tell me about it in the comments! This … Continued

Doughvember Disaster!

OK, let’s be honest – none of my Doughvember baking can be called a strong success. Flat pizza dough? Too-much-rye hockey puck of a loaf? I didn’t even take pictures of that one, I just ate it grumpily, and slowly. … Continued

Sourdough Crust Pizza

Over the weekend I decided to apply my doughvember mojo to the challenge of feeding and entertaining a house guest. I may have been a little lax on the bread-making front this week. After feeding my starter, I cheated a … Continued

No baking without patience

Yesterday I wrote a post about my love of sourdough, to kick of Doughvember. Today, I am eating the loaf of bread that was baking yesterday, and I feel I should tell you about it. Here’s my single biggest lesson … Continued

Much love for the sourdough

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Back at the beginning of this blog, I talked about confirmation bias, the tendency to notice things that support your existing expectations. Earlier, we were talking about pie being everywhere (also, shrimp plates, but that’s not relevant). Lately, I have … Continued