Houston, we have a problem

climbing mt fujimama

Rockford has figured out climbing.

A couple days ago, we were all playing in the front yard, and he decided he wanted to investigate the dogs, who were still in the house, behind the storm door. So, he crawled over to the front steps, and then right over them, up to the door. I’ll be honest, I kind of hoped it was a fluke, but it was not.

Just now, as I was sitting here drafting an entirely different post, that thing you see above happened. He used my arm to get his feet up to my chest, and from my chest to my neck. Not pictured is the next step, where he got himself entirely into the window sill. I am pretty proud, and now also worried, because he loves to GO! I think we’re officially in the “running our butts off” stage of parenthood now.

In other weird baby news, he’s working on teething. Most babies pop their lower incisors first, right? Rock seems to be taking his teething clues from vampires, because I can see both is second incisors on top coming up to the surface. I hadn’t really thought about what the whole teething process was going to look like. Teeth are really weird. Yet another way that babies are both amazing and kinda gross.