I have kind of a bad history with knitting sweaters. I knit my mom a sweater once, and it took me three years. Not because any part of the knitting was hard (although I did learn some cool things in the process), but because I would set it down, pick something else up, and entirely forget about it. And, the first two times I finished it, it wasn’t right. I am a terrible daughter. (The sweater I knit my dad didn’t take that long, but was also several sizes too small. Luckily for us both, bike commuting solved that problem for me!)

When I agreed to knit Mr. Pie a sweater, I did so with the intention of not making either of those mistakes. And, after some pre-knitting procrastination, we seem to be moving along at a pleasant clip.

It’s not that pink. It does have that much dog hair on it.

Thanks to a weekend head cold, Season One of Mad Men, and many pots of hot toddies, Mr. Pie’s sweater has a body! I have to say, I don’t usually love garter stitch, but it’s pretty much delighting me right now.

The next step is to start the sleeves, which will require some fiddly math, I think. For how simple the sweater turns out in the end, there’s a lot of math that goes into it. I am totally in love with it.

To ensure that I didn’t start myself yet another sweater that would languish half-finished in the knitting bag somewhere until I didn’t want it anymore, I picked something that is both practical and which I desperately need. Every day I say, “I want to be wearing my sweater.” I’m thinking it right now.

Mine has passed its complicated knitting (no math required there), and may be taking a time out for a moment while I decide whether I want to knit its sleeves right now also. I have actually stuck to the pattern so far, but my plan originally was to modify the cardigan fronts a little, and I think I want to be able to try it on as I go. Also, it’s kind of boring right now. We’ll see.

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  1. Wow! Love that gray sweater. And you are a fabulous daughter . I love my sweater and would wait 3 years for another. . . .

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