Starting the Thanksgiving countdown

As much as I love Thanksgiving, I am not the kind of person who begins planning it months in advance. I don’t want to have to travel, and I’m generally happy (at this point in my life) to just see what group of friends and family accumulates. And then buy a turkey at the last minute.

Of course, I do plan the pies (usually).

Since I’m going to be making so many pies in the days before the holiday, I’m thinking that I probably won’t make super elaborate pies for my own dinner. (Rest easy, raisin-haters, that means no mincemeat or raisin pies!) My exception, of course, will be Shaker Lemon, because, as you know, it is my favorite.

A little bird (read: passing glance at my orders) tells me that people are craving Caramel Apple for their Thanksgiving tables this year. I think we might have Caramel Pear, just to be contrarian (and because IT IS DELICIOUS).

If you want to free up a little time and oven space next week, you still have time to order some pie. Do it! You know you want to…

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