Starting Inertia

You know that feeling, when you need to start something, but you just can’t seem to get rolling? And you know that once you do, it’ll be easy to keep going, if only you could just start?

I’m having a little case of that right now, all over my house and life. I need to be writing, and folding laundry, and writing a grocery list, and taking the dog and the baby for a walk, and working on the several projects that I already have under way, and unpacking from our recent trip, and organizing and putting away the holiday stuff, and cleaning the bathroom, and unloading the dishwasher, and making something for dinner. Any one of those things would be a perfectly acceptable place to start, but I can’t pick one, so I can’t start (bonus! decision paralysis!).

Sometimes, when the kiddo is taking a nap, all I want to do is lay on the floor and enjoy the quiet. That’s a normal part of parenting, right?

We started introducing solid foods this week. We probably could have started earlier, but I really didn’t want to do it while we were traveling, and he didn’t really clearly communicate that he was ready until we were away from home. This parenting thing is pretty amazing sometimes! He has eaten potatoes and carrots so far. He wasn’t really interested in the first round of potatoes, and mostly seemed to enjoy playing with the carrots, but we did potatoes again last night, and he was picking up little blobs from his tray and putting them in his mouth! Every day I am just stunned by how awesome he is. I get why people are all excited about having babies, because they’re cute and whatever, but I had a dream the other night that we had another one, right now, and I was MAD, because it meant that I didn’t get to give R the same level of attention that he has been getting. I may have also been a little put out that my midwives weren’t more excited to see me back as a repeat client, even though it’s only been six months. Silly sleep brain. Later the same night, I dreamt that I licked every dessert at a wedding in retribution for the groom pulling a prank on all the guests and not serving any food. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty satisfying.

Aaaaaaand that’s a rambling story about babies and my brain. You’re welcome? Did I mention that I’ve missed you?

One thought on “Starting Inertia”

  1. I could have written this post myself. Yes, it is normal to want to lie on the floor. If you can do it without noticing that you need to clean your floor, do it! I always wish I could sit outside in the cool night air after the boys are in bed. Picking a place to start shouldn’t be so difficult, but it paralyzes me regularly. I want to lick all the desserts too!

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