Springing Back

Greetings, grumpy friends!

We’ve had a super busy couple of months over here at Casa Grumpy Pie, as I’m sure you’ve gathered from my total, ridiculous silence. It’s been awesome, wonderful, good busy, though. Just… busy.

But now it’s springtime, for real! The sun was shining there for a hot second, and even though the clouds are back, it’s neither raining nor bone-chillingly cold, so hurray! The gentlemen have been busily building things and going on international adventures. I’m almost done with some sweaters (yes, the same sweaters. Let’s not talk about it.), and more than halfway done cooking our baby. We’ve all been adjusting to a new city and a new country, and even the dog is finding new dogs to be irrational angry at through the windows. I’ve been eating lots of weird and awesome things, in keeping with our plan to subject the fetus to a world’s worth of food before it’s born, and I have pictures and stories aplenty to share. I was going to tell you about the time we ate duck feet, but it turns out I forgot to take a picture, which is super sad. Because they were awesome! Not to worry, though, they came from the dim sum place right down the street from us, and we’ll be back.

In the mean time, Blueberry Danger (aka future-baby del Rio) and the change in seasons have conspired to bring salads back into my diet. You may not know this about me, but I am very particular about salad, especially at home. As you know, I love me some lentil salad, and I make a pretty killer potato salad (light on the mayo, heavy on the awesome), but a big plate of lettuce is the bane of my existence. LETTUCE IS NOT FOOD, at least on its own. So, today it’s lentil salad, tomorrow it’ll probably be potato, and there may be another in the future.

I’ll say this for the little person-to-be: with the exception of the two days in the first trimester when I hated coffee, we’ve had a pretty awesome time on the food front. My mom tells me that when she was carrying me, she had a daily craving for nacho cheese Doritos and 7-Up. Given that, there’s no way I’m going to complain about salads, and that time when nothing in the world was spicy enough (more on that later!).

photographing brownies is not for the lazy

We do have one weakness, though: baked goods. Are you surprised? Today I was really proud of myself for not buying any leftover easter candy at the grocery store, until I read this lovely post about life with an entrepreneur courtesy of my friend Geraldine, after which I had to make some brownies. Can’t win them all, I guess. Still, home made brownies are better than half-price Cadbury eggs, right? We’ll just say yes.

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