Some Pie-love For The Amish

One of the challenges that we face here at Grumpy Pie Central is how best to bring your deliciousness to you. We are very luck to have Mr Pie and the Flying Blueberry (AKA the Vespa). It’s actually a pretty neat little solution, though we’re still working out the kinks of fitting two pies in the kitty cooker.* This turns out to be actually less of a challenge than it would be for the Pie Maker to bring two pies anywhere on the bus, because she is lacking an awesome Amish Pie Carrier. Look at that thing! So classic.

I have to hand it to the Amish, they really know their way around some pie. There’s a recipe in Ken Headrich’s killer cookbook for Amish Lemon Pie (it might be called something else, I couldn’t find it on the googles.) that I have been meaning to make for years. It’s not a meringue! It’s sliced fresh lemons macerated overnight and baked. *drool* If someone buys one custom, I’m going to make one for us, too. mmmm…

*Kitty Cooker = the compartment under the seat. It has a sticker that says “No Animals.” Hence the name.

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