Sick Day

Lemon ginger tea cures everything

I should be making pie right now, but instead I am drinking Carlos’s Wonder-Cure-All Tea, a concoction that I currently hate to the core of my being. Hate it though I do, I’m drinking it in hopes that it’ll purge me of whatever ick is making me sleep 14 hours a day. Yay, sleep!

But there is no rest for the self-employed, so I’ve been working on The Marriage Sweaters!

Marriage Sweater The First, Jared Flood’s Adult Tomten:
Marriage sweater the first
Tomten Sweater hem

Marriage Sweater The Second, Heather Zoppetti’s Dahlia Cardigan:

Dahlia Seed stitch edging

I am indescribably smitten with the seed stitch edging on the Dahlia cardigan. It is worlds away from the seed stitch that made up my very first scarf. So crisp, so pretty. I have yet to successfully photograph it to its full glory, but I promise you, I’ll keep trying.

Also on the agenda? New brake levers for my bike!

Oh, look, more handknits, imagine that.

Not pictured: addressing the disaster that my kitchen has become, and the mountain of laundry taking over my closet. Tomorrow: Back to pie!

(In case you’re curious, Wonder-cure-all is a couple inches of fresh ginger, grated or sliced, about half a lemon, honey, and cayenne pepper. Guess which part of it I’m grumpy about?)

2 thoughts on “Sick Day”

  1. Oh, sugar, I feel your pain. I would bring you soup, but I’m just getting over something myself and would probably re-infect you with a different strain of whatever you have. Feel better soon, my dear.

    (Remember when we were kids and getting sick was kind of fun? No school? Coddling by mom? WHAT HAPPENED?)

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