Shaker lemon!

thin lemon slices for shaker lemon pie

You guys.
thin lemon slices for shaker lemon pie
I love lemons.

I took a pretty decent glamor shot of a lemon to go with this post. Imagine it right here! … I can’t get it off the camera. Behold! Lemons, on their way to pie!

Sad, lack of pictures aside, omg, Shaker Lemon pie. I love it so much. I think we had this conversation once already, several months ago. I also can’t find that post. I may need to retire from the internet, at this rate. In my defense, though, I did discover that Idaho has both a Lake Pend Orielle and an adjacent city named Ponderay. They’re the same word(s)! What gives, Idaho?

I apologize.

The point here is: Shaker Lemon! I saw it described the other day as ‘aggressively old fashioned,’ which I like. It’s a pie that I imagine my terrifying great-grandmother would’ve enjoyed, with her creepy, ancient dog curled up at her feet. Someday I hope to terrorize small children half as well as she did. Despite being made of pretty much just sugar and lemons and eggs, it’s not super sweet, but it’s bright and lemony and it will wake your face up!

If you don’t love lemon with a burning passion, this may not be the pie for you. It is not for the faint of heart. It is, however, a slice of history, and one that has endured for a reason. Take a chance!

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