secretly I love October-July

Hey there! I’d like to start off by apologizing. I have been way more quiet than usual this week, for a number of reasons. But I haven’t forgotten about you (though I did forget about the wholesale farmer’s market yesterday. crap), nor have I abandoned my pie-making duties. I’ve been a little overwhelmed the last few days. I’m working on getting everything back on track, and I owe a huge debt to the taco truck down the street for helping me get today off to the right start.

I don’t think you really want the boring details, so I’ll tell you this: I kind of love the October rain combined with July sunrise/sunset schedule we’re having this week. I would prefer that it were not raining like this, but I’m thankful we’re not in a crippling heat wave like the rest of the country. Do you have any idea how hard it is to work with pie crust in horrible heat? Still, the rain… it’s exhausting. At least I’m pretty comfortable scooting around on the Vespa in it, thanks to the lovely people of Evergreen Safety Council and the six inches of rain in six hours that accompanied my motorcycle ridership class. Nothing like passing a road test on the rainiest day of the year to make a person feel confident going to the store in a little drizzle. The worst part is that I forgot gloves and my butt was soaking wet. And my favorite occasional change-requester wasn’t there. Once, when I walked toward the store still wearing my helmet he said to me, “hey Spaceman! Welcome to space!.” Best homeless guy ever.

As regards pie: I said no more strawberries this week (I do love them, but we need some variety, you know?). And I meant it! Tomorrow’s pies (grumpy, little) will be peach. Peach is awesome! I know cobbler is more traditional, but I make a pretty mean peach pie. And by “mean” I mean “awesome.” Obviously.

Finally: Seattle is now (for the moment) street-food friendly! Woot! You’ll hear more about this from me, because street food! Hurray!

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