Science is awesome!

Science! It’s awesome!

Have you ever wondered why Asian foods taste fundamentally different from Western Foods? (No? That’s cool, science still has you covered). According to this study in Nature, it’s because Asian and Western cuisines use opposing logic when combining ingredients. Western cuisines pair ingredients with similar flavor compounds; Asian cuisines pair ingredients with fewer commonalities. Neat!

Also: Will you be an angry drunk? Science can predict whether you will! Do think about the future? You’re less likely to be an angry drunk, apparently. Something about consequences and perspective, maybe? I dunno. Still, good to know!

And! Christopher Columbus totally brought syphilis back from the Americas. Can we finally stop celebrating him now? Genocide, conquest, AND a major global disease?

Finally: Alternate science mnemonics. I really wish he had done one for the cranial nerves. None of these are the one I learned, which had something to do with trucks

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