Say Hi to Pie Cookies

OMG, you guys. Pie cookies.

You saw them last week, when I was teasing Jessica for being evil by introducing me to pie cookies.

The thing is, though, she’s kind of the best. Pie cookies are the best, and it probably would’ve been ages until I decided to make them on my own.

And then this happened:

omg. swoon.

Luckily for you, I’m not going to hold your pie cookies hostage. They’re here! They’re so freaking cute! They’re $3 each, and the best little treat your afternoon has ever imagined.

On Wednesday I’m taking them on the road, to one office in Pioneer Square, and then another. If you want me to stop in at yours, too, I totally will. Email rose at or call 206.457.6716 and the pies will come to you.

3 thoughts on “Say Hi to Pie Cookies”

    1. I can visit you, absolutely! I’m just putting another tray of cookies in the oven. You want me to come by your work?

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