run-by pie blog!

You remember that scene in Mrs. Doubtfire when Robin Williams throws a fruit at Pierce Brosnan and then says, in his British-drag accent, “It was a run-by fruiting!” This is pretty much that, except without the drag, or Pierce Brosnan, or and running. I don’t run.

I really love having a three-day weekend, but this one has apparently totally wrecked my sense of time. I have done absolutely nothing this week on time. Ridiculous. Just this moment I caught up to where I should have been at the beginning of yesterday morning, with regard to pie-baking. So. Behind.

But fear not! Tomorrow the pie will be back on schedule, sometime in the middle of the morning. And the weather is nice! Thank goodness. Nothing like a little sunshine to make me feel like a sensible person again.

Shameless art plug: We here at Grumpy Pie love art by e, the work of our awesome friend Eric, and he’s part of a show on Friday. Go there, if you love weird shit and rockabilly and tattoos and art. I’ll be doing my best to be there. I’ve seen what he’s showing, and it’s great. You’ll be glad you did.

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