Quick and Lazy Curry for Busy Days

Are you ready to participate in the world’s easiest (and in absolutely no way authentic) curry, for those days when you don’t have time to cook (or everyone is working full-time fighting what you suspect is both a cold AND a flu)? This isn’t even really a recipe. It’s a thing I did, that I have done before, and will doubtless do again, though it’s never exactly the same.

Go to your fridge. Find all the vegetables you like and need to use up. I found some Chinese eggplant, baby carrots, russet potatoes, red bell peppers, and yellow onions. I also found Brussels sprouts, but I felt that they were not a good match for the rest of my players, so they stayed in the drawer.

Cut them into smallish dice. I generally quartered the baby carrots. After cutting the amount shown above, I decided I needed twice as much. Do what feels right to you.

Mmm, chinese eggplant. I meant to pickle this, but life got in the way. Normally I might have salted it, but in this case I just threw it in with everything else.

Combine all your vegetables in your slow cooker, or a heavy bottomed pan. Return to the fridge, discover that you have just enough yellow curry paste to make this work (hurray! Also, Rose, buy more yellow curry!).

You can use vegetable or chicken or beef broth for this step instead of coconut milk. Or even water. We <3 coconut milk, though, especially with yellow curry. Add these magical ingredients to your slow cooker, stir to make sure the curry paste is incorporated, turn that bad boy to "high," and go back to sleep on the couch for several more hours. Or, do something useful, which is probably preferable. If you're cooking this on the stove, bring it to a simmer, cover, and reduce heat to medium-low. Cook until your potatoes are pretty tender, then add the red bell peppers. Serve with rice, or as a stew. Bonus: this keeps and reheats pretty well, which is great if you love leftovers (we do!). I cannot say enough in praise of Aroy-D curry paste. We get it at Uwajimaya, but you can get it on Amazon. They’re super easy to work with, very flavorful, and free of MSG (usually, check the package before you buy). I almost always have at least two varieties in the fridge. We love them. Go get some! (They do not give me anything for free, I just really like them)

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