I am procrastinating.

I have many things to do (don’t we all?), and I am doing some of them, but I don’t feel like writing. As you may have heard, we’re in Columbus, OH, and every day it’s just kind of the best. I found my Shambhala¬†community here, and forces aligned to let me spend this past weekend sitting in intense meditation with many of them. It was profoundly good, and I am still feeling inwardly focused, and not so much like I have a lot to say.

There are plenty of things happening, though! Rock has learned how to put on his own shoes. Carlos and I are making friends, together and separately. Winter is coming.¬†I’m starting a job next week (for which I am STOKED). Soon, we will be reunited with the things we left behind in Portland. I mostly finished my marriage sweater (two years later!), and it’s not good, so I’m going to re-do it.

Oh! And I made Ethiopian food at home, and we’re going to make beer soon. And so many things! But for now, I need to go work on some quiet things. You’ll hear more from me soon!

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  1. So good to hear you sounding so happy and with so many good things happening. Your courage is paying off. I am thinking of you as we drive up hwy 87 going from Scottsdale to Santa Fe. Beautiful – and green! Are you enjoying the fall colors?

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