Monday madness

Greetings, friends! How was your weekend? Team Pie has known for many weeks that this past weekend was basically going to be our single busiest period of time in 2011, and possibly ever. I don’t want to bore you with … Continued

Pie lottery June 24

Good morning! I made you awesome pies! Look! This group was a little leakier than the last couple weeks’ pies have been. I’m still tweaking the process on these a little, and it’s easy to overshoot the optimal amount of … Continued

worth waiting for

Good morning, friends. I’m sorry that my pie-announcement post is coming so late into this week, but I think that you’ll agree with me when I tell you that it’s totally worth the wait. At first, when I tell you … Continued

Happy Solstice!

You know what I love? Summer. I love it. Early morning sunlight, BBQ, my utter inability to find shorts that fit appropriately (have you seen the shorts that are in style this year? 1992 wanted to tell you they were … Continued

Pie Lottery June 17

Look! I made you pies! They’re cute! And slightly rustic-looking, which I enjoy. This one is sassy! This one looks like a heart! Guess which one I’m taking on my sad trip to Olympia tomorrow, for the lady that I … Continued

Peaches! Strawberries!

Friends, I cannot tell you how happy I am that peaches are actually starting to come into season. I love the bejeebus out of some peaches, let me tell you. Nothing brings out the imaginary Southern girl in me like … Continued

Aaaaaand we’re back!

Hi there! I’m sad to report that I have nothing of any interest to say today. Luckily, this is the internet, so that’s pretty much standard operating procedure, right? I think I’m going to make Peach Pie this week. It’s … Continued

Pie lottery June 10

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Good morning! Happy Friday! Boy, am I ready for Friday this week, how about you? Are you ready for some pie? As promised, I made you some lovely Grumpy Little Peach Blueberry Pies today. They are sooo good. Seriously. If … Continued

Asked and answered: Why do Pies need to Vent?

Traffic generating search today? “Why do pies need to vent?” Because they are angry! Just kidding. It’s because the fruit cooking inside them creates steam, and if the crust is not vented, the steam will make its own vent. By … Continued

Apology Pie – for a reason

Hi. Remember me? On the one hand, I have been a terrible pie blogger this week, in that I have entirely failed to blog, and had to be reminded this morning to update the Pie Lottery page with this week’s … Continued