I had a totally awesome realization earlier morning! This is Wednesday, and not Thursday, as I had previously thought. My week just got an extra day in it! And because a gift should never go unacknowledged, I’m using this bonus … Continued

Pie Lottery July 22

Happy Friday! I made you some pies! Behold! Are those cute or what? Why didn’t I try that sooner?! Anyway, they’re Peach! With nutmeg! And they could be yours! You know what to do, don’t you? Click that little button … Continued

secretly I love October-July

Hey there! I’d like to start off by apologizing. I have been way more quiet than usual this week, for a number of reasons. But I haven’t forgotten about you (though I did forget about the wholesale farmer’s market yesterday. … Continued

Pie lottery July 15

Hey there, pie friends. I am indeed running a pie lottery this morning, with some lovely, lovely little pies, the last of the Viva Farms Strawberry Rhubarb. Like last week, they’re ridiculously juicy and sweet, like a highly concentrated I’m … Continued

zomg, hi!

Hey there. Betcha thought I forgot about you,right? You’re kind of right. I forgot to blog earlier this week (bad Pie Lady!), and then today I found myself embroiled in an epic battle against laundry. It’s my least favorite thing, … Continued

Pie Lottery July 8

Good Morning! Can you believe it’s Friday already, again? Where does the time go? You know what that means, right? Lottery day! I have really awesome pies for you today, thanks to the fine work of Viva Farms. They brought … Continued

blink and you’ll miss it

LOOK AT THEM! Sorry to yell. I’m just so excited! I want to be eating them, but they’re not mine. They could be yours, though. I’m not putting these bad boys in the lottery. Special order only, because they are … Continued


Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, for those of us here in the US and Canada. Ours was my favorite kind of holiday – shared with good friends, with good food to excess, and away from the … Continued

Pie Lottery July 1

Good Morning and Happy Canada Day! And Happy Independence Day (almost) here in the US. What a big couple of days for this continent, eh? I have to admit, one of my favorite things about KEXP is that one of … Continued

Sock It To Me!

This is a bulletin from the midst of my pie-making trenches. I’m elbows deep in the internet researching two things that I think are going to be awesome for future Grumpy Pies. In response to a request for a “Punch … Continued