Pie Lottery September 9

Good morning and happy Friday, pie people. How has your week been? I spent much of this week fighting some kind of bug, again. Hurray, seasons changing, making me feel all weird. And there was this very sad news about … Continued

Pie Lottery September 2

Good morning pie lovers! Are you super excited for a three day weekend? I make you some berry-tastic pies, courtesy of the lovely Mr. Pie. The sad reality that it’s September means that there’s not a lot of light in … Continued

Pies of mystery!

OK, so. I have this summer cold, right? And last night I had a family obligation, and then I had to bike my sleepy, grumpy, summer-cold-riddled butt back up a million hills, and by the time I got home, I … Continued

Tuesday: Now with more rambling!

What up, pie people? It kind of looks like fall outside, I’m sad to report. On my morning Vespa around town I actually wore a scarf AND handwarmers today. Not that I”m complaining about an opportunity to wear handknits, of … Continued

Pie lottery August 26

Happy Friday! Good morning! Has this week been utterly ridiculous for anyone else? Yesterday in particular seemed downright unreasonable. I really hope that the coming week is a little more sane. In things that are not insane, except in a … Continued

it’s aliiiive!

Hello! Yeah, I’m still here, still making pie. And caught in a horrible fatigue/insomnia/fatigue/headache/insomnia cycle. It blows. And it has enabled me to be kind of a slacker this week. I am sorry. On the other hand, I have peaches. … Continued

Pie lottery August 19

Hello and happy Friday! My apologies for being a little scattered this week – I’m pretty sure my brain still wants to be on awesome vacation. And who could blame it? However, despite my sluggishness (I blame the ridiculous amounts … Continued

we’re back, we’re back!

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Hello! Hi! Hihihi! Team Pie is just back from a fantastic ten-day trip to see many of the best members of our extended family. We also saw a bison farm! And mules! (confession: I was more excited about the mules … Continued

August – full of adventure!

Hello and happy Monday! It’s a new month already – crazy how time flies. If you follow me on the twitters, you probably heard yesterday about my adventure at Seattle Rep’s Pie Social. You may be surprised to learn that, … Continued

Pie lottery July 29

Good Morning!! It’s Friday! You know what that means! Pie lottery time! Once again we get lovely pictures from my sad little not-smart phone. I’m sorry. I hope the crap-face who broke into our home a couple weeks ago is … Continued