Pie Lottery September 30

Good morning! Happy Lottery day! We’ve been having such pretty false-summer weather that I decided I needed to capture a little of it in a pie, before it’s gone for good. What better excuse to use my favorite stonefruit, the … Continued

Pie Lottery September 23

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Heeeeey, there. Guess what? I went to the store and got some lemons. Then I spent 15 minutes staging and photographing them, because I am a procrastinator, and also new camera = learning curve. After my patience for that task … Continued

Shaker lemon!

You guys. I love lemons. I took a pretty decent glamor shot of a lemon to go with this post. Imagine it right here! … I can’t get it off the camera. Behold! Lemons, on their way to pie! Sad, … Continued

Pie Lottery September 9

Good morning and happy Friday, pie people. How has your week been? I spent much of this week fighting some kind of bug, again. Hurray, seasons changing, making me feel all weird. And there was this very sad news about … Continued

Pie Lottery September 2

Good morning pie lovers! Are you super excited for a three day weekend? I make you some berry-tastic pies, courtesy of the lovely Mr. Pie. The sad reality that it’s September means that there’s not a lot of light in … Continued

Tuesday: Now with more rambling!

What up, pie people? It kind of looks like fall outside, I’m sad to report. On my morning Vespa around town I actually wore a scarf AND handwarmers today. Not that I”m complaining about an opportunity to wear handknits, of … Continued