Oh em gee, people, I want to make vanilla roasted pear pie. I don’t even know if it’s possible, but I want one. I freaking love pears. The other weekend I made a Ginger-poached Pear and Blueberry pie for dinner with friends. I had a seriously hard time making sure the pears made it from the poaching liquid to the crust; they were so brightly spicy from the ginger, and perfectly crisp-tender and sweet that I would have eaten them with a fork and a smile if I hadn’t thought that showing up with an empty crust might have been a little rude.

The problem with that pie, though, was that the pears took a long time to poach on my stupid induction range. Having recently converted to the ways of bacon in the oven,* I’m strongly in favor of using the oven to do tedious work. Perhaps there is a roasted pear pie somewhere in the future? At the very least, there is a roasted pear somewhere in my future.

I have a couple orders coming up that gave me free reign for picking my pie, and I would really like to make a little more use of pears before it really gets to feeling like spring. I’m thinking that my friend’s birthday brunch this weekend will be a perfect test-run for some exciting options. Roasted Pear Fennel and Brie? Who could say no to that?

*That’s not exactly how I do it though. I don’t preheat the oven, or use a rack on the pan. I do line my pan with foil, but honestly I’m not sure it’s necessary, except I hate washing the dish. And! Most importantly, I whimper a little at the end when she throws out the fat. Bacon fat is half the point of bacon. Duh.

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